Restoration & Renovation

Restoration & Renovation

Restoration & Renovation Italian project management – Tuscany & Umbria

On our website, we have hundreds of examples of property for sale in Tuscany, Umbria and other parts of Italy. Unrestored and part restored properties can still be found at very attractive prices, and many buyers have found this type of property to be an ideal way to go forward and realise their dream of buying a home in Italy, being able to not only put their own stamp on a property but also making an impressive return on their investment.

Restoration & Renovation

Renovating in Italy is certainly going to be different than in the USA or UK or your home country. You have to ensure that you adhere to local and national planning laws which can affect the ideas that you have and also everything that happens is going to take place in Italian, probably a language that you are not fluent in.

It may look daunting to restore a property from hundreds or thousands of miles away but with our help and advice and using local professionals who can email you with up to date progress, photos and news we can help you turn your dream into reality.

Not all properties are ruins for sale in Italy. Some might just need minor updating and/or cosmetic refurbishment.

Tuscany Real Estate will be happy to help with your search for a restoration property suitable for your renovation project. Please send us your requirements and we can start the search today:
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Here are a few Italian property suggestions that we have available at the moment:

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