Luxury palatial home or commercial enterprise, the choice is yours. A magnificent Venetian villa and estate for sale in a quiet area near to Verona. Set in wonderful gardens with church and “barchessa”.
Dating back originally to the 15th century, it was transformed in the 18th century to provide both a way for the Marquis of Verona to watch over and control his lands and also to impress his many important and influential guests, such as Napoleon Bona parte.

The Venetian Villa boasts the typical Palladian classical symmetry, harmony and balance. Its façade is decorated by pillars holding up a triangular pediment.

Villa – 876 square metres
The villa boasts large living areas, with decorated ceilings, Venetian floors and nicely decorated alcove.
On the ground floor there is a large reception hall and sitting rooms with frescoed walls. In one of the sitting rooms, symmetrically disposed facing the entrance, there is an alcove, a recess in the room, formerly occupied by beds.
A stone staircase with decorated ceilings leads to the first floor, where there is a gorgeous lounge with terrace overlooking the garden. On the same floor is set the library and other rooms, easily to be converted into bedrooms.
On the top floor there are other rooms, ideal to be used as bedrooms or sitting rooms.

Former Greenhouse– 481 square metres
Once a Greenhouse, the South wing of the villa has been renovated and turned into a restaurant.

Barchessa – 1.597 square metres
The “Barchessa” is a separate building, with typical Venetian-architecture, formerly used both for storing agricultural equipment, and as farmers’ dwelling. This Barchessa is currently used as storage for tools and private apartment.

Porch – 238 square metres
Currently used as a warehouse, the porch is set on one floor and characterized by round arches.

As was common for all the historical country estates, this villa boasts its own church, built in Baroque style with Neoclassical style façade.

A stream marks the boundaries of the property, surrounded by 73,000 square metres of exclusive garden with wide lawn and secular trees.

Inside the Venetian Villa there are some listed pictures, that can’t be separated from the villa

TYPE Venetian Villa, estate with various buildings and land
CONDITION Luxury finishes
LOCATION Open and sunny position
SIZE 4014 square metres (43,163 square feet)
FEATURES Frescoed walls, frescoed ceilings, coffered ceilings, marble aggregate flooring, alcova, imposing fireplaces. Inside the villa there are some listed pictures, that can’t be separated from the villa.
LAND 7.3 hectares (18.15 acres)
GARDEN Yes, perfectly maintained garden
ANNEX Porch, Barchessa, former greenhouse, small church
ACCESS Asphalted road
ELECTRICITY Already connected
WATER Mains water
GAS Mains gas
HEATING Radiators
TELEPHONE Already connected
Town with services (5km; 7’); Verona (35,6km; 30’); Mantova (42km; 45’); Ferrara (76,2km; 50’); Brescia (99,3km; 1h 5’); Padova (99,7km; 1h 2’); Bologna (118km; 1h 14’); Riva del Garda (119km; 1h 20’); Reggio Emilia (119km; 1h 27’); Venezia (134km; 1h 17’); Parma (144km; 1h 37’); Crema (160km; 1h 47’); Piacenza (178km; 1h 40’);
Bologna Marconi (118km; 1h 6’); Venezia Marco Polo (140km; 1h 19’); Bergamo Oro al Serio (146km; 1h 23’); Milano Linate (188km; 1h 47’); Milano Malpensa (225km; 2h 8’); Perugia Sant’Egidio (349km; 3h 15’ )