Parma castle estate, Emilia Romagna. Castle dating back to the 13th century with 11 farms (with properties) and 569.53 hectares (1405 acres) of land. Lots of commercial possibilties and potential.

The castle, has been  recently restored, keeping unaltered the original features, such as the circular towers, the battlements on the perimetral walls .
Dating back to XIII Century, over the centuries the castle has had structural changes and was converted into the current building in XVI Century.
The entrance of the castle is reached from an internal courtyard with a majestic stone arch and is featured by frescoed semi-vaulted ceilings.
All the rooms of the castle, heated by large stone fireplaces, boast elegant frescoed walls and painted coffered ceilings.
Inside the property are located different living accommodation with farmhouses and agricultural barns.
Farm 1
Placed south towards the central part including the castle, this part includes two living accommodations, one of which is currently rented out.
The farm is completed by a storage for tools and an additional agricultural building.
Farm 2
This farm is composed of a main farmhouse with annex and barn, completed by a wood burning oven and small porch.
Farm 3
This part of the property is composed of a farmhouse with barn, storage for tool and porch.
Farm 4
This farm is located in the vicinity of a stream and is composed of two farmhouse, one of which with stables and barn and annexes to be restored and a stable with barn and additional rooms.
Farm 5
This farm is composed of a farmhouse with annex and wood burning oven.
Farm 6
The farmhouse is completed of a stable with barn and porch in need of a total restoration. The farm is completed by pasture land.
Farm 7
This farm is located on the north of the castle and is composed by a farmhouse in good structural conditions with stables and barn, completed by ruins and additional farmhouses with porch and storage for tools.
Farm 8
The farmhouse is in good structural condition, while the stable with barn and porch need some maintenance intervention.
Farm 9
The farmhouse and the adjacent stable with barn need some maintenance intervention.
Farm 10
Connected to a private waterworks in need of a maintenance intervention, the farm includes two farmhouses in good structural conditions, stables, farm, porch, storage for tools with well and oven, two annexes to be restored.
Farm 11
Completely abandoned, this farmhouse is composed of ruined annexes .

The property is completed by 570 hectares of land with woodland and agricultural land, private lake for irrigation.
The land is composed as follows.
115.37.60 hectares of agricultural land
24.39.70 hectares planted with trees
1.14.00 hectares of vineyards
381.32.00 hectares of woodland
13.45.40 hectares of mixed forest
31.05.35 hectares of fallow land
69.10 hectares of barren wastelands

TYPE Parma castle estate with Castle dating back to the XIII Century, 11 farms and 570 hectares of land
CONDITION Partially restored
LOCATION Hilly position
REGION Emilia Romagna
FEATURES Battlements, circular towers, internal courtyard, belfry, old stone arches, stone fireplaces, frescoed vaulted ceilings, frescoed walls, stone flooring, terracotta flooring.
LAND 569.53 hectares (1405 acres)
GARDEN Yes, perfectly maintained.
ANNEX 11 small farms with outbuildings
ACCESS Asphalted road
POOL No, but possible
ELECTRICITY Already connected
WATER Mains water + private well
GAS To be connected
Salsomaggiore Terme (36,4km 55’); Parma (50km; 49’); Fidenza (57,4km; 50’); Piacenza (92,7km; 1h 10’); Cremona (94,8km; 1h 11’); Modena (102km; 1h 22’); Mantova (106km; 1h 38’); Forte dei Marmi (133km; 1h 35’); Bologna (142km; 1h 42’); Milano (152km; 1h 52’); Genova (186km; 2h 12’)
Bologna Marconi (138km; 1h 30’); Milano Linate (151km; 1h 40’); Pisa Galileo Galilei (170km; 1h 53’); Milano Malpensa (200km; 2h 12’); Firenze Peretola (225km; 2h 21’)