A well known and established Wine estate with Chianti Classico DOCG vineyard and olive grove, producing quality wines and fine olive oil. Further growth potential.

Tuscany Wine estate with Chianti Classico DOCG vineyard and olive grove. Greve in Chianti Florence

An excellent opportunity to purchase a well established wine estate with 15 hectares of vineyard (14 of which are registered as Chianti Classico DOCG), 10 hectares of olive grove and 10.5 hectares of mixed use land.

This Chianti wine estate includes several buildings, used either as accommodation or production facilities. Some of which would benefit from updataing/renovation.

The building A (544 sqm – 5,853 sqft gross) is laid out over two floors.
– Ground floor: wine cellar with eight rooms, in bad conditions and hardly usable because of the small room available.
– Apartment N°1 (first floor): five rooms, two bathrooms, closet and lofts. The unit is in good shape and perfectly maintained.
– Apartment N°2 (first floor): five rooms and two bathrooms. The unit is in mediocre condition.

The building B (116 sqm – 1,248 sqft gross) is entirely used as bottling and storage plant, split among two rooms, three closets and a bathroom. At the moment, the building is difficult to use because of its bad connection with the exterior.

The building C (215 sqm – 2,313 sqft gross) hosts an apartment and a storage room.
– Apartment N°3 (basement, upper ground floor): four rooms, three bathrooms and loggia. In excellent conditions, this unit is currently used as headquarters and state room.
– Storage room (ground floor): three rooms, this unit is in a mediocre shape.

The building D (46 sqm – 495 sqft gross) hosts a garage for vehicles, cistern for water and pump room. The building is in good conditions.

The building E (248 sqm – 2,668 sqft gross) is made up of four rooms and is currently used in the production process.

The building F (118 sqm – 1,270 sqft gross) is laid out onto two floors (basement and ground floor), a room on each floor, and is used in the production process. However, the building is not easy to use because of its bad connection with the outside.

The estate covers a total of approximately 35.5 hectares, including the vineyards (15 ha, partly Chianti Classico DOCG) and the olive grove (10 ha) which are the main income producing parts of the farm. The remaining surface area is covered by arable land (2 ha), mixed woodland (5 ha) and unused land (3.5 ha) which could be planted with crops or even further vines.

– Vineyard surface: 15 hectares (14 ha Chianti Classico DOCG ♦ + 1 ha Alta Valle della Greve IGT ♦♦)
– Varieties: Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Trebbiano and Chardonnay
– Year of planting: 1920 – 2000
– Altitude: 370 – 450 m
– Exposure: south, west/south-west
– Average yield: no more than 52.5 hl/ha for Chianti Classico DOCG
– Training: cordon de Royat, Guyot
– Terrain composition: sandy, muddy, rich in loam
– Yearly production: up to 700 hl (93,000 bottles)
– Markets reached: Switzerland (22.3%), United States of America (22.1%), Italy (15.5%), United Kingdom (7.8%), Germany (5.7%), Japan (5.4%), Australia (4.0%), Canada (3.9%), Sweden (3.2%), Belgium (2.4%), China (2.2%), Denmark (1.7%), Singapore (1.7%), South Korea (1.0%), Finland (0.4%), Russian Federation (0.4%), France (0.1%), Hungary (0.1%), Netherlands (0.1%)
– Manpower: family-run + 4 workers (fixed-term contract) + seasonal workers

♦ Chianti Classico DOCG: 100% Sangiovese
♦ Alta Valle della Greve IGT: 100% Sangiovese
♦ Alta Valle della Greve IGT: 100% Merlot
♦ Alta Valle della Greve IGT: 25% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Cabernet Franc, 25% Petit Verdot
♦ Alta Valle della Greve IGT: 100% Trebbiano
♦ Alta Valle della Greve IGT: 100% Chardonnay
♦ Grappa: 100% Sangiovese

– Surface: 10 hectares
– Varieties: Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio, Pendolino, Morcaio and Correggiolo
– Altitude: 375 – 560 m
– Exposure: west/south-west
– Terrain composition: sandy, muddy, rich in loam
– Yearly production: 10 – 12 quintals

The property would benefit from further upgrades in order to fulfil its full potential. Some of the rooms are not suitable for current/future needs and a project for a new and more efficient wine cellar has been approved, so as to fully exploit the vineyards of the property.
Wine at the moment,  is mostly sold unbottled, but the construction of a new and more spacious wine cellar with its own bottling plant together with the 700 hl of Chianti Classico DOCG produced would allow you to market up to 93,000 bottles of wine each year.
The business has an ample and well developed international network allowing for exportation of wines in Europe, Northern America, Asia and Oceania which could be easily further expanded.

TYPE Wine estate with Chianti Classico DOCG vineyard and olive grove
CONDITION To be restored
MUNICIPALITY Greve in Chianti
REGION Tuscany
SIZE 1,287 sqm (13,847 sqft)
FEATURES Cellar, vineyard, stone walls, wooden beams
LAND 35.5 hectares (15 ha vineyard + 10 ha olive grove + 2 ha arable land + 5 ha woodland + 3,5 ha unused land)
ANNEX Several residential and production buildings
ACCESS Excellent
ELECTRICITY Already connected
WATER Mains water
HEATING Already connected
TELEPHONE Already connected
Greve in Chianti (4km; 10’), Radda in Chianti (19km; 30’), Florence (39km; 1h), Siena (45km; 1h 15’), San Gimignano (49km; 1h 5’), Volterra (69km; 1h 25’), Lucca (107km; 1h 30’)
Firenze Peretola (49km; 55’), Pisa Galilei (96km; 1h 35’), Grosseto Baccarini (120km; 1h 55’), Bologna Marconi (131km; 1h 45’), Roma Ciampino (280km; 3h 10’), Roma Fiumicino (295km; 3h 15’)